creativity is intelligence having fun.

albert einstein

The success of RANGE is centered around our people, process and culture. Highly personal. Wickedly talented. We believe in unleashing the creative spirit of individuals to explore, collaborate and thrive. Our "relationship centric" focus is fostered within our offices but extends well beyond our walls to clients and vendors around the globe. Everything we do is an extension of who we are and what we can become.

Dallas, Texas

  • John Swieter

    Founder / Design Director
  • Chuck McGee

    IT Director
  • Jane Swieter

    Senior Project Manager
  • Melissa Adams

    Senior Designer
  • Tom Theall

    Senior Designer / Motion
  • Maya Kwan

  • Michael Begley

    Project Manager
  • Craig Beneke

  • Renate Geerlings

    Strategy, PR, Social Media
  • Brian Pio

    Director, Global Packaging
  • Kevin Higgins

    Director, Pkg Design/Engineering
  • Kathy McKinney

  • Jeannette Johnson

  • Chuck Pennington

    Executive Creative Director
  • Philip Thepkaysone

    Designer / UI UX
  • April Seiler

    UX UI Intern
  • Jens Krischan Swieter

    Design, Production, E-Commerce Intern

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Adam Graves

    Co-Founder / Art Director
  • Eden Irgens

    Co-Founder / Client Partner
  • Patrick Fanning

    Senior Designer
  • Andreas John

    Client Partner
  • Andrew Lindsay

    Project Manager
  • Mike Stoley

    Business Development
  • Teresa Heikkila

    Office Manager, Accounting
  • Kasey Clemons

    Production Manager, Media Buyer